Sreshtha Ayurvedic Division

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Sreshtha Ayurveda

Holistic Plant-based Healthcare Solutions

Ayurveda is a long-established Indian healthcare system. The foundations of this traditional medical approach go back centuries. Its greatly curative effects are further enhanced by constant research and the combination of advanced technology and scientific discoveries with Ayurveda’s cures. The medicines in Ayurveda a derived directly from nature, treating the organic body with safe plant-based ingredient mixes. Along with manufacturing effective and easy-to-consume Ayurveda medicines, Sreshtha’s Ayurveda division takes special care to identify environmentally sensitive species of medicinal plants and herbs and develops methodologies to address their sustainability concerns. Our teams have joined hands with local NGOs across the country and are involved with programs that provide special training to farmers, villagers, and tribal communities, teaching them about sustainable and environment-friendly cultivation processes. Our phytochemistry laboratory uses commercially viable processes for the optimum extraction of medicinal plants, making sure the active constituents (markers) are known. The plant extracts generated are hence standardized to contain monitored amount(s) of biologically active constituent(s). For plants where markers are not known, bioactivity guided fractionations are undertaken, and the biomarkers are isolated for standardization. Chromatographic techniques like column, flash, MPLC, Preparative HPLC are employed for isolating constituents. The isolated single chemical entities are thoroughly characterized using the conventional spectroscopic (UV, IR, NMR & Mass spectroscopy) and chromatographic techniques. Our Ayurveda R&D team produces innovative solutions for the easy assimilation of authentic Ayurveda medicine, catering to all lifestyles and treatment methods. We ensure a quick supply of the best quality medication, using sustainably cultivated plants & herbs. With Sreshtha’s Ayurveda division, patients will be provided with a safe, reliable, and natural alternative for treatment.