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Sreshtha Food & Nutrition

One-Stop Destination for Nutrition Supplements 

Sreshtha’s Food & Nutrition department provides a wide range of highly nutritive supplements that cover not only human healthcare, but also ruminant animal, poultry, and aquatic healthcare. Our team of nutritionists, doctors, and researchers discover innovative methods of encompassing a range of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into capsules that are easily assimilable or administrable into lifestyles. Our understanding of the constantly evolving food market and the awareness of different wellness trends helps us stay at the forefront of market development, utilising this knowledge to expertly guide our customers to the most advanced nutritive ingredient solutions with defined health benefits. We perform as a reliable partner in this industry, while also being the best choice for developing your business in today’s ever-conscious clean label market by utilizing more natural, minimally processed, and familiar ingredients. Our range of supplement includes vitamins, probiotics, human & animal nutrition, and poultry, aquatic, & ruminant healthcare.

Vitamins & Probiotics: We manufacture market-ready vitamins and probiotic supplements. From the R&D of sustainable sources for extraction and cultivation to the delivery of manufactured supplements, Sreshtha provides and supervises the entire production line. Our microbial and vitamin range has proven to provide a highly positive outcome, and we want to share this success with you.

Human Nutrition: We offer a wide spectrum of nutritional supplements that include straight supplements and premixes. By leveraging our ingredients expertise, unmatched knowledge, and years of research and development, we develop these products. We also deliver nutritional and functional ingredient solutions and tailored premixes for use in the food, nutrition and fortification market.

Animal Nutrition: Our division for animal nutrition supplements, is a leading provider of nutritional solutions for the poultry, dairy, aqua & pet food industry. We provide feed specialities and premixes that offer a range of performance enhancement and disease prevention products. We have worked with integrators, feed millers, and commercial farmers, helping them increase their returns on investments. With our strong integrated business model, marketing footprint, expert R&D team, useful products and strong partnerships, we have firmly established our presence within the poultry, dairy, pet food and veterinary industry.  

Poultry Healthcare: By ensuring healthier poultry, we can ensure healthier and cleaner eating. Together, both poultry and animal health products establish Sreshtha’s identity as an adept animal nutrition and healthcare company. We aim to address various sectors of animal healthcare with products that can be fed to poultry via their feed or water solutions to increase their value.

Aquatic Healthcare: As a reputed aquatic healthcare product supplier, Sreshtha’s aquatic healthcare division is committed to ensuring the health of aquatic poultry and wildlife. By optimizing the feed manufacturing process and improving the quality of the pellets used for feeding aquatic organisms, we move towards our goal while also ultimately protecting human health. When it comes to aquaculture-based formulations, Sreshtha’s Aqua Care is one of the most reputed aquaculture probiotics manufacturers in India. One of our projects is to produce the most useful products to tackle the white gut disease in shrimp.

RuminantHealthcare: Numerous lives depend on the health of cattle, and we offer a wide range of products that protect it. Our ruminant healthcare division provides supplements that increase appetite, enhance digestion, heal wounds faster, and more. We respect our natural resources, and we believe that it is necessary to make sure of effective productivity and yield.