Sreshtha Cloud-based Telemedicine

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Sreshtha Cloud-based Telemedicine

Supportive Cloud-based Practice Management.

Sreshtha’s Telemedical division helps facilitate complete Cloud-based Practice Management Solutions. We are official channel partners for the state of Telangana, India, supporting integrated healthcare for the patient population and healthcare givers from the Corporate Hospital. We enabled clinic network linking, encompassing even rural healthcare. It is observed that telemedicine is supported by the following factors:

  • Digital image sharing which reduces repeated tests and increases clinical collaboration.
  • A telehealth program reported patient satisfaction levels were greater than 85%. There was a 40% reduction of the days the hospital beds were needed.
  • Mobile device usage is expected to lead to 305 billion dollars in industry productivity gains by 2021.

Modules that support technology-driven patient care by connecting patients to healthcare providers:


Tele-Health, Tele-Rehab Solution: 

  • EHR integrated 
  • Live audio/video consultation 
  • Secure messaging 
  • Billing payment integration

Rural Healthcare Solutions:

  • Early diagnosis & quality treatment 
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Real-time expert opinions 
  • Continuum of care

Patient Engagement Portals:

  • Improve patient engagement 
  • Better patient communication 
  • Improve clinical outcomes 
  • Easy user interface 
  • File sharing & wellness tracking

Programs for Connection:

  • Organise team/dept discussion 
  • Real-time patient communication 
  • Review patient case study 
  • Encrypted messaging platform 
  • Announcement channels, facility, role & patient channels

Electronic Health Records:

  • Intelligent patient workflows 
  • Templates are driven 
  • HIPAA & HITECH compliant 
  • Simple & intuitive User Interface 
  • 24×7 access from any device 
  • Payment gateway enabled 
  • Integrated with NABL lab & pharmacy

Project Management & Key Account Management:

Sreshtha Life Sciences is committed to offering world-class quality solutions with a strong emphasis on confidentiality, reliability, customer delight, speedy supply and affordability. To accomplish this, project execution and delivery are managed through a dedicated Project Management Team at Sreshtha. governed by the Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO is primarily responsible for certifying the highest level of process compliance and training.

An individual Project Manager is assigned to each project along with a team of experts and is responsible for managing all project-related constraints like scope, time, budget, resources, risks and quality. The Project Manager (PM) will be the primary point of contact and will be responsible for project tracking and client communication. The Project Manager also coordinates with all the stakeholders including those from the Project Team, Supply Chain, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory, Client and other alliances.

As a part of effective project governance, based on the client’s needs and the number of projects being handled with a specific client we assign an Account Manager who acts as a liaison between the client, project team and Sreshtha management. The main objective of a Key Account Manager is to ensure that the client’s concerns are understood and acted upon without any delay.